Sehzade Mustafa 1515-1553 Mustafa was born in 1515 to Suleiman the Magnificent (see last post), and his first wife/consort Mahidevran Gülbahar. For most of his life he was thought to be the heir apparent, as he was his father's first son, and universally liked. However, Suleiman showed more interest in another of his sons, Mehmed, who was the son of Suleiman's favorite and sole legal wife, Hürrem Sultan. While ruling Amasya for his father, Mustafa learned of Mehmed's death. But Mehmed was not the only of Hürrem's sons, there was also Bayezid. Hürrem's support of Bayezid made Mustafa's life difficult as he ruled Amasya. During Suleiman's Persian campaign, Rüstem Pasha told Mustafa his father wanted him to join his army. As Mustafa assembled his own army Pasha told Suleiman that his son was coming to murder him. Suleiman then ordered his son's execution. When Mustafa entered his father's tent Suleiman's guards attacked him, and after a long struggle he died at the hands of a bow string. by royalhistories

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