Gazi Husrev-beg was a Bosniak Ottoman sanjak-bey of the Sanjak of Bosnia in 1521—1525, 1526—1534, and 1536—1541. He was born in Serres, Greece, to a bosniak father Ferhad and a Turkish mother Selçuka, who was the daughter of the Sultan Bayezid II, making Gazi Husrev-Beg Beyazid II's grandson. In less than three years, he conquered the fortresses of Knin, Skradin and Ostrovica. He was appointed sanjak-bey of the Sanjak of Bosnia on 15 September 1521, becoming one of Sultan Suleiman I's most trusted men.A relentless campaign of conquest followed soon; the fortified towns of Greben, Sokol, Jezero, Vinac, Vrbaški Grad, Livač, Kamatin, Bočac, Udbina, Vrana, Modruč, and Požega fell at his hands. Gazi Husrev-beg played a crucial role to overcome the Christian army at the Battle of Mohács. His 10,000 Akıncıs and his irregular cavalry, composed of Turks, Bosniaks and Crimean Tatars, served as reserve soldiers in that battle. According to the Ottoman military strategy, the Akıncıs circled the European knights while the Turkish infantry made a counterfeit retreat after the first assault. #ottomanempire #bey #bosnia #bosniak #caliphate #governor #sunni #suleiman #hungary #turkey #austria #medieval #ottomans by hamzabasayev

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