Suleiman the Magnificent (1494-1566) was the most famous sultan of the Ottoman Empire. He studied science, literature, history, theology and military tactics at a young age. Upon his accession to the throne, he began a series of projects. He succeeded in capturing the Hungarian city of Belgrade, which had resisted Turkish invasion in the past. He also succeeded in taking the island of Rhodes, mercifully letting the Knights of Rhodes leave and form a new base on Malta. He continued his campaign in Hungary, becoming the leading power in Eastern Europe. Ottoman expansion was eventually halted in Europe at Vienna. He then embarked on a campaign against Persia which also saw some territorial expansion, as well as another campaign in North Africa which saw massive territorial gains. Besides his military accomplishments, Suleiman also reformed the entire legal system. His new legal code lasted 300 years. Education was also very important to him, as he built many schools, making the turkish population considerably more literate and better educated than the european at the time. Suleiman was also a large fan of the arts, sponsoring hundreds of artists, philosophers, and architects, leading Turkey into a Golden Age of cultural development. by heroes_of_history

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